Bumpus Information


Although the Old Man is barking mad about this, be sure to join us for the 6th Annual A Christmas Story Run and get ready for the Running of the Hounds!  This year we are celebrating in a very unique way and are proudly featuring our four-legged, canine friends at this year’s event! 

That’s right, this year, we are allowing participants to bring their dogs to the event!  Both for the race in Cleveland and the Virtual Race!

We will be accommodating all participants to make this an organized and successful event for all involved.

  • Cleveland Race: The “Runners with Canine Category” will be limited to 700 and the run starts at 9:00AM EST.
  • The run will have 4 starting “waves” in the following categories:
    • First WAVE at 9:00AM EST is for RUNNERS ONLY
    • Second WAVE at 9:15AM EST for RUNNERS and their CANINES ONLY
    • Third WAVE at 9:25AM EST for WALKERS
    • Fourth WAVE at 9:35AM EST for WALKERS with CANINES


Since our Bumpus Hounds deserve the very best, we have special amenities for our canine guests! Each dog receives:

  • RACE BIB: Dog owners will receive a special bib that permits the owner to run with one dog in the Cleveland races (note:  the dogs will not be chip timed).  Virtual participants will receive the Virtual Run bib.
  • DOG LEASH: All dogs will receive dog leash.  They will be 4 feet in length to comply with event rules.
  • DOG SCARF: All dogs will receive a special A Christmas Story Run dog bandana.
  • A CHRISTMAS STORY RUN DOG TAG! This custom dog tag can be worn for years to come. They will be the talk of the pound with their friends back home!
  • TIDY BAG & A SCOOPER: No race would be complete without cleaning up for the environment!  You know what to do to keep the course and neighborhoods clean!
  • OPTIONAL ITEM: A CHRISTMAS STORY RUN ONE OF A KIND DOG SHIRT especially made for our furry friends! Each shirt is cotton and come in sizes Small – XL and may be purchased for $15.


Canines get goodies on the course too!

  • WATER STOPS:   There will be water for our Bumpus Hounds.
  • FINISH LINES:   Both the 5K and 10k finish lines will have water and dog treats to celebrate their finishes!
  • DOGGY RELIEF STATIONS:   Yes!  There are 3 areas for your pup’s needs!   First is in Public Square.  It is on the NORTH side of the square.  Second is the FINISH AREA of the 5K – there is a designated area on the SOUTH side of Buhrer St.  Third is along the course – we  will have portable trash cans every ½ mile to dispose of things along the way!

SAFETY/EMERGENCY CARE:  We will have a Veterinarian/Vet technician on site. They will be stationed at all 3 locations:  Starting Area, Water Stop and the Finish Areas. Your pets are like family and their health/safety is important to us.

If you are considering participating with your canine, you must read the following and agree to the terms before the event.  These rules are in place for the safety, liability and well being of all involved for this holiday race.

  • Canines must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet long. Retractable leashes longer than this may not be used.
  • You will be limited to 1 dog per runner.

Participants and their dogs must follow the above rules. No runners/walkers with Canines in the 1st wave, only runners with canines in the 2nd wave, and only walkers and walkers with canines in the 3rd wave. This will be strictly enforced on race day by security.


5K RACE: The 5K run/walk is a point to point race. (the starting line and finish line are at different locations. The starting line is downtown in Public Square, and the finish line is at the A Christmas Story House.  For those participants and their dogs that don’t wish to walk back downtown there will be busses specifically labeled for “runners with their canines” only.  Any participants that do not have dogs that wish to ride the canine busses will be allowed to board after the participants and their canines are loaded FIRST. Runner with dogs will not be allowed to board the participant only busses.
  • IMPORTANT, READ THIS: The transportation back to Public Square is on School Busses via a 20-minute bus ride.  On the bus ride ONLY, ALL DOGS MUST HAVE EITHER A MUZZLE OR CONE ON DURING THE ENTIRE 20 MINUTE BUS RIDE. There will be a large number of dogs on the busses in a small space. This is for the safety and protection of all involved and required by the liability waivers of the busing company. This rule is supported by the Animal Protective League of greater Cleveland.

10K RACE: The 10K run is NOT a point to point event. This run starts and finishes in Cleveland’s Public Square. There is no need for a muzzle or cone for your canine.
  • NOTE: If you and your dog are 10K participants and only make it to the 5K finish, you WILL NOT be allowed to board the busses unless your dog has a muzzle or cone for the bus ride back downtown.