Bumpus FAQ


Q:  What is a Bumpus Hound Run?
A:   This is the second year for runners/walkers to participate with their dogs.  Register your canine!  They get some amazing treats including a “doggie participation medal,” bandana, official Bumpus Hound bib, dog treats and transportation.

Q:  How do I register my dog?
A:  When you go the website, after you register yourself, there is an option to also register your dog. You can also add this on post-event through your EnMotive.com Account

Q:  I have more than one dog, can I register more than one dog?
A:  This is a complicated answer.

  • Virtual Race:You can register multiple dogs and tag them to your registration.  It’s that easy!  You can run with your dogs on your favorite course in your home town!
  • Cleveland Race:Registration in Cleveland is a 1 to 1 ratio. That means one dog per runner.  If you have 2 dogs and you would like both of them to run, another runner will have to sign up and then sign up your second dog with them.

Q: What if I want to sign up for the Cleveland race, but I have a dog that cannot run/walk the distance, but I still want them to be a BUMPUS HOUND and get the goodies?
A: Sign yourself up for the Cleveland Race and during that process sign up your dog also by selecting a VIRTUAL DOG during your registration process.

Q: What if I am one of the 500 participants that have already registered and I want to add my dog to the event?
A: Cleveland Participants:   Go to the registration email you received and return to the registration website to manage your registration.  You can add your dog.

  1. Virtual participants:  Go to the registration email you received and return to the registration website to manage your registration.  You can add your dog.  We will link them to your registration and not charge you extra shipping.

Q: Can I register just my dogs and not run?
A: No, the dogs would need to run with their owner.  We cannot have them running off and stealing the neighbor’s turkey on Christmas Day!

Q: If I am registered for the Cleveland Race and am unable to make the trip to Cleveland on race day, can I have my packet and my dog’s packets mailed to me?
A: Yes you can!  Just go to your EnMotive.com Account for A Christmas Story Run.  There, we have an option to switch you and your dog to virtual runners!  Switch by November 10, 2019 for guaranteed delivery before Race Day on December 7, 2019.

Q:  If we are signed up for the Virtual Run and decide to run/walk in the Cleveland race, can we do that?
A:  No, there are a limited amount of dogs allowed in the actual Cleveland race.  For that reason both the Virtual Runner bibs AND the Virtual Dog Bibs are color coded differently.  This ensures the safety and security of everyone involved.

Q: What comes with the Bumpus Hound packet for my furry friend?
A: Each Bumpus Hound receives:  A Dog tag (miniature replica of the runner medal), dog bandana, 6ft festive leash or collar and a bib. The dog shirts are an extra item that can be purchased at an additional fee.

Q: I am thinking about ordering the extra Bumpus Hound shirt for my dog.  What are the sizing ranges and how much are they?
A: The shirts are $15 each.  The sizing parameters are as follows:  S (5-10lbs) M (11-23lbs) L (24-45lbs) and XL (46-70lbs) and 2X (71-85lbs) ** for dogs that have a larger chest area, purchase one size up from weight range.

Q: Will there be assistance for my dog if for some reason he/she has a medical need before, during or after the race in Cleveland?
A: Yes!  We will have Veterinarian Medical personnel available at the Starting area, designated water stops and the finish area at the A Christmas Story House just beyond the finish line.  They will be at the first tent at each finish area and designated with the signature “Red Cross” sign.

Q: If my dog needs a clinic for medical attention, will there be an option?
A: Yes!  Gateway Animal Clinic on West 19th street which is on the race route have committed to meeting your needs for emergency services on race day.

Q: Tell me more about my dog needing a muzzle or neck collar on the bus ride.  I may not be comfortable with that.
A: The 5K is a point to point race (starting line and finish line are at different locations).  That means participants and their dogs will be riding the busses back to the starting line in an enclosed space for a 20-minute ride.  Our insurance company and bus company are only covered with these safety precautions in place.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and safety of all participants.

Q: How will the busses work with participants with dogs and just participants?
A: After you finish with your Bumpus Hound, receive your Major Award and have your post-race refreshments, you can board the busses!  There will be separate transportation for participants with dogs and participants only.  This will ensure proper procedures are followed.  Please ensure your dog is muzzled or it will not be allowed on the bus.

Q: If dogs needs to relieve themselves during the race festivities?  Will there be areas available for them?
A: Yes! There is a nice large grassy area on the NORTH side of Public Square.  It has been designated for our furry friends.  The Doggy race packets will a bag and pooper scooper so owners can be responsible out on the course!  There will be containers along the course for disposal as needed.